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Gourmet Travel with a chef is a fast-growing travel segment which has become quite popular in last few years. There are numerous gourmet travel companies which offer various types of culinary travel activities, which often offer good enough service for generic tourists who just wish to spend a small part of their vacation tasting local food.  We on other hand, offer specialised culinary travel for discerning gourmets. We offer activities such as food walks, cooking classes, tea and wine tastings, farm visits, and many others in our specially curated travel packages. In these culinary travel packages, you will also get to enjoy many offbeat travel activities.

Popular Travel Packages

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Fun Culinary Activities

Highly educational , food filled vacation for the gourmet traveller in you!

Local Chefs as travel guides!

Tailor-made travel packages for a foodie.

Small and intimate food-lovers group.

Immersive culinary experience.

Highly Customizable travel packages

Quality service and value for money.

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