Tea Tasting

For food travellers backpacking across India, a constant mention of tea or chai is inescapable. Tea is a big part of the food culture in India and hence we had to include this in our range of culinary travel services because you have not completely experienced India until you have tasted its flavourful teas. We have had people from around the world enjoy the lingering magic of tea in India and rave at its unique flavor. Although tea tasting can go very wrong if not under the right guidance, we have got your back! Our Tea sommeliers have carefully selected a range of tea flavors, both unique and exquisite to put a green bow over your travel experience in India.

Curated by experienced tea taster, your sessions can go from 1-2 hours with a variety of 5-10 different tea flavors to enhance your culinary travel of India. Along with the tasting, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the journey of the tea starting from seed to you. You will learn the right way to brew tea so that you extract each drop of flavour sitting in those dried leaves. In the end, you will take home a gift hamper by us to remember your travel stories in India.

You can make this traveling experience bigger by turning into a combo pack with food and photography tour. Contact us if you are interested.

Here are some details you must know regarding the tea tasting sessions:

  1. There are 2 sessions to choose from, lasting 1 hour and 2 hours respectively.   
  2. The 1-hour session will have 5 different types of teas. Whereas, the 2-hour session will have 10 different types of teas for you to taste.
  3. The 1-hour session will cost INR 2000 per guest
    The 2-hour session will cost INR 4500 per guest
  4. Please give us a minimum of 2 days prior notice to book a session with us.

Learn more about the journey of the tea starting from seed to you!