Doaab in Indian vernacular usually means land lying in between the confluence of two rivers. In common usage, it is also used to define a common culture arising from a mix of two different ones. It can be used to define various aspects like language, food, music, literature among others. The mixing of two different way of doing things usually results in a synergy of the two in which various aspects are adopted and made in to a syncretic amalgam of two different thought processes.

Talking about culinary traditions, Delhi is blessed with a number of different cuisines which have been adapted in to the local usage at different times over the years. Of these , the Kaayasth cuisine of Delhi’s Hindu trading class and Mughlai cuisine of muslims have gelled with each other in a remarkable way to create the Old Delhi’s cuisine which is now famous all over. There are multiple culinary practices from both sides which have been adopted by both so intimately that no one except a handful of historians know about their real origins.

Dishes like Bedmi Puri, Daulat Ki Chaat, Nagori Halwa, Kulia Ki Chaat, Nihari are a few examples of many. Some of these dishes are quite popular even outside this region, but a few are prepared only in a handful of shops and home kitchens in Old Delhi and not many people know anything about them.

This culinary expedition is meant to raise awareness about this delectable Doaabi cuisine and the syncretic culture that made it possible. Led by two leading celebrity chefs Osama Jalali and Rajeev Goyal representing both parts of this Doaabi culture, this event helps participants not only taste and discover some of the dishes which make up Doaabi cuisine of Old Delhi, but also learn about their history and cultural significance.

The two chefs will take you to some iconic and some lesser known culinary points of Old Delhi where they will help you taste these food items as they are meant to be by explaining points like flavour profiles, ways of cooking, ingredients as well as provide a detailed history of origins, migration and local adaptations of each dish. So if you are the kind of foodie who likes to go in to such details, then this food walk is just for you. Not only you get to taste some of the best and a few lesser known gems of Old Delhi’s Doaabi cuisine; you also get to learn about what makes it special from the two best experts on it.

Venue : Old Delhi.
Starting Point : Al Jawahar Restaurant near Jama Masjid
Ending Point: Chawari Bazaar Metro Station
Date: 21st October 2018
Time : 08:30 till 12:00
Cost : INR 1500 per person as special inaugural offer.