Below are profiles of some of our Master Chefs :

Chef Rajeev Goyal

Chef Rajeev Goyal is a fine connoisseur and an excellent guide of the multifaceted and delightful Indian cuisine. He has devoted multiple years of research in Indian spices and indigenous Indian recipes. His long work in the culinary field, extensive travel across the world and matchless experience of operating a fine dining restaurant makes him one of the best people to lead a culinary tour anywhere in the world. During his travels, he visited more than hundred countries in Africa, Europe, South America, North America. His experience with the food served in most so-called Indian restaurants in these countries gave him the inspiration to showcase the real Indian food to an international audience in place of the sub-par imitations in vogue across the world.

With him, guests get a chance to taste, experience and appreciate the nuances of delicacies from authentic Indian cuisines as they are actually meant to be. His work has featured in a number of publications, local as well as international including Hindustan Times and Her World.

His love for travel combined with his passion for food and cooking has won him many accolades. His food tours and cooking classes rank among the best culinary activities in India. Over the last few years, a large number of gourmet travellers from around the world have experienced his hospitality and enjoyed the real Indian food experience. His passion for good food reflects favourably on all the culinary activities like food tours, cooking classes which he leads in places like New Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Agra among a few others.

In all the culinary activities, the focus is to make the guests experience the best of everything. The guests are taught about old traditional as well as more convenient modern ways to prepare and experience ethnic food in its purest form and how to use various ingredients in most optimal way. As a lot of ingredients used in Indian cooking are not easily available everywhere in the world, his cooking classes teach the best ways to prepare Indian food dishes with minimum number of ingredients. Due to his expertise of Indian food, he is one of the best persons to guide you on your culinary journey of India

Some of the famous master chef, Michelin star chef have been with him to understand and learn about insights of Indian cooking.

Some of the famous celebrity chefs  who have worked with Rajeev recently :

  1. Padmalakshmi (USA) Queen of spices Author celebrity chef,
  2. Pascal Jahlay (Neitherland) 2 Michelin star,
  3. Marion Graspy Masterchef (Australia) TV celebrity chef – food entrepreneur Marions kitchen
  4. Sarita Sehjpal Masterchef and food entrepreneur (Norway) – Restaurant – Mother India,
  5. Graciala (Germany),  
  6. Jan Marrees (Holland) 1 Michelin Star – Restaurant owned – Bratelli


Chef Osama Jalali

Osama Jalali is a seasoned food writer, Historian, restaurateur, Festival curator and a passionate Masterchef. He comes from a non-hospitality background and has reviewed over 2000 restaurants. Osama is one of the few writers who have not restrained himself to just writing but loves to work on the other side of the kitchen as he cooks and curates community/Khandaan (Awadhi, Rampuri, Shahjahani, Nizami)-based menus for hotels and private Daawat. Born and brought up in the bylanes of Old Delhi / Purani Dilli his parental roots belong to a princely estate in Uttar Pradesh called Rampur which is famous for its unique Rampuri cuisine.

Osama’s passion for food began at an early age when he used to witness his mother cooking meals in huge amounts in deghs at the feasts organized at their home very often. The flavors and ingredients used by his mother made him curious to earn more knowledge on how these delicacies are prepared. He spent his childhood among Khansamas of Delhi & Rampur gharana. That was the time when his mother learnt a lot from royal Khansamas which eventually got transferred to Osama. He loves to pass his day treating people, sharing his food and talking about the joy of eating together.

Osama has been the jury for the Big F awards for the last 4 seasons. He has also been the jury to select the chef of the year by the prestigious Indian Culinary Forum (ICF) for last 2 years and the jury for the Living Foods awards. Apart from judging competitions he has appeared on various food shows on Television and is known to be the authority on Mughlai cuisine and as an ambassador who is on a mission to revive regional Indian dying cuisine.

His Gosht/Mutton Ka halwa has been the most famous recipes he has reinvented from the bygone Mughal era and he is the only person in the country to cook it. Osama has also cooked for various state heads of the country and is know in the circuit to recreate lost recipes of the Mughal era.